Terms and conditions


MyDissertation.eu does not give the authority to reproduce any part of or the whole product given to them as their own. The products are provided for research purposes only and should not be used without proper references. We aren’t responsible to any third parties if any of our clients uses our products for the wrong purpose, and we have the right to take serious action against such customers.

Our products are not intended for commercial use

Our products are only provided for the purpose of research or assistance. We won’t tolerate the misuse of the final product by any client who submits it without proper reference. We also reserve the right to initiate actions against customer whose claim results in any situation that might harm the company name.

In general, it is legal and ethical to use academic writing services. You can use freely the paper you have received from us. You can change it or submit it as your own. But it is your responsibility to make sure that you submit your assignment as your own work and do not violate the college or university academic rules that you are in.

Revision policy

For the purpose of giving students the best services we give them the chance to get their paper revised multiple times. You can request to make as many changes as you think is necessary to achieve your goal but no later than to a declared deadline.

If you request any changes after the deadline, you will be charged accordingly based on our pricing list.

Editing and proofreading

Every paper is edited and proofread and this is not a separate service. We guarantee the quality of our work – this includes editing, checking for potential plagiarism and assessment of meritorical content.

Editing and proofreading is also available as a separate service. Once the order is placed, corrected text that was provided by you will be available before agreed deadline. It is done only once. If you require further editing/proofreading, we will treat it as a new order and you will be charged accordingly.

Refund policy

If service delivery is late due to our services gaps, we will consider a partial refund only if you were affected by late delivery. You will be considered “affected” only if you did not submit your paper on time. If the order procession has any delays from your side, you may not request any compensation.

We will consider full refund to be issued in the following cases:

a) the order was placed by mistake (identical orders, duplicate payment, etc.) and our writer hasn’t started working on it;
b) we are not able to assign the proper expert to the order thus we could not deliver the service;

Evaluation of our services

We do not provide any free samples or share past work with anybody. We let you evaluate our services instead. Once you place your order, you are entitled to receive 3 pages free from charge before you make any payment. If you require further evaluation, you can do so by stating what part of thesis or essay you wish to be complete first by your writer, and your writer should provide you with further 2 pages. You can then make your decision whether to go ahead with the order or not.


We cannot guarantee any grades. Your grades depend only on the person marking your papers. We do, however, guarantee the quality of our services. This includes:

  • confidentiality
  • on-time delivery
  • plagiarism-free paper
  • free revisions until declared deadline

Revision of our services

Reviews of our services on other websites may be truthful or not. We are not responsible for any guarantees and claims made on behalf of our services from any other domain but this one.

Testimonials featured on our website were made and provided by real people who ordered from us and decided to leave a testimony. You can do the same by contacting us with your message and we shall include it on our website as well.